Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #4 - C4T #1 Summary

I posted on Julie Reuter's Blog called Teach-Share-Inspire

Julie has a very well and organized blog. I really enjoy reading her work she is a great writer and makes things easy to read. The two that I read she didn't have any misspelled words or grammar problems. Here are the two different post broken down a little more.

1.The first one I read was her newest post and the title was "Just keep pedaling" she wrote a lot about her family and friends and eve some about her fears. She never really liked riding bikes but her family made it a holiday thing and she got out of it the first few times. Then when she finally had to ride the bike she falls. The only thing she thinks about is how embarrassed she is in front of her own son. So when I left a comment I told her that family will love you know matter what you shouldn't feel like a failure because you have fallen off of a bike. The only way that makes you a failure is if you don't get back up.

2.The second one was about her class at Merton school in Merton WI. She has been teaching there for 19 years and she loved it so much. She said she looped her 5th and 6th class which i'm not really sure what that is but I did ask in the comment. She went on to talk about how close she was to this particular class and how much they have made a difference in her life and how much they have grown. In the comment I left and said that I love her teaching style and the fact that she really likes to get to know the kids personally.

Julie Reuter and her class

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  1. Julie is great! I took a class from her. Just wanted to say thank you for commenting on Claire's blog in my class in Germantown, WI. She is definitely an inspiring writer, and you will motivate her by having someone to keep her going! Thanks!