Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project #14

Project #14 Group #1
The above link will take you to our Project #14.
As a group we did 2nd grade science. I hope that you can get something out of this and enjoy.

Planets in order.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K October Summary


Xaiver's home page
Xavier is a student who lives in New Zealand and he is in the eighth grade. He wrote about friends and asked how everyone was doing. I answered back with my name, school, and why I was posting. I told him he was dong a great job with the English language and to keep up the great work but I also told him to make sure to keep an eye on the spelling and grammar.

Hollie B.

Hollie B. Blog Boarder
Hollie is a 7th grader and she loves her animals. The post that I commented on was about her horses and how much she loved them. I commented telling her how good she did and that I also use to ride when I was younger. I also told her about the grammar and spelling problems which were very small. I think she did great!

Aidens Blog Homepage

I posted on Aiden's "school" post but it never showed up. I told him that I thought it was amazing that a 1st grader could use technology in such an amazing way. He only posted a small sentence but even still I think it's great.


The last one I did was April which also didn't show up yet. She lives in Auckland, NZ. I posted on the one titled "Awesome Holiday Highlights". I think she did so good on this post. To believe she is only 6 years old. She talked about a party that her and her family were at and how she had a great time but her Mom stepped on a nail and her sister threw up on the couch. So when I commented to it I told her how impressed I was to read it. I also told her about the small spelling errors she had on her post. She did such an amazing job telling that story.
Picture of April

Friday, October 24, 2014

Blog Post #10

What can we learn from Mrs.Cassidy?

Little Kids...Big Potential
Cassidy 13 part 1
Cassidy 13 part 2
Cassidy 13 part 3

I really enjoyed watching these videos. Cassidy is a very smart woman that stands by what she believes.

What did I learn from watching these videos? I feel like Cassidy gave us a lot of very useful information and things that I will use in my classroom. I like how even though she only had 5 computers she still found a way to use them. The different stations will be one thing I will be using in my classroom.
One thing I loved about these videos and her classroom is that they are only about 6 years old. All I can say to that is wow... good job Mrs.Cassidy. I love that she has them making these web pages and blogs at such a young age. They will be so smart and progress so fast in school because of her starting out so young.

I like how she had them make videos with those small cameras. They are easy to use and so much fun for the kids.
Kids recording a video
Another thing that makes her a great teacher is the fact that she shows that she is worried about their safety in posting online. Which is something we have to watch out for now and days.
I really enjoyed listening to Mrs.Cassidy and I thank her for the advice she gave us.

Project 12 Part A

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blog Post #9

What can Teacher and Students Teach us about Project Based Learning

I watched all of the videos and got a lot out of them.
I noticed one thing that a lot of them had in common. When you let a student take control of their learning they will be more interested.
One of these videos kept saying PBL means Problem Based Learning which threw me off I don't know if that means the same thing but in that video you saw the teachers point of view. I love that because the teachers had to learn a whole new way of teaching. Dr.Strange is so right when he says "We are always learners." We will always be learning new things everyday.

Project Based Learning with students. title=
I enjoyed watching these videos and finding new ways to teaching in my classroom. Asking the students themselves what they like about their Teachers is nice so that in the future I can see what and what not to do in my classroom.
From this assignment I have learned from both students and teachers. When you let a student learn something in a fun and educational way they will never want to stop.

Projects are a great way to teach something. Mainly because the students have the freedom to do what they desire to do and they can grow by working as a team. You learn more than just the subject when working on project based learning because you have to deal with others.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.

Part A

Technology is growing and we have all learned that from Dr.Strange and we know that it is being used in the classroom. With that being said a smartphone is part of technology and not only 18-24's are depending on them. Children much younger than that have the access to smartphones and know how to use them. I teach a two year old class and some of my students know how to unlock my phone and get to the camera. It amazes me how technology is making a change in everyones life.
As far as smartphones in schools I personally don't like the thought of that. Only because it would be hard to keep an eye on what they are doing. I think it is crazy that 68% said they would rather use their smartphone rather than a laptop. It shows you how much you can do on your smartphone now without having to use their laptop. I think it is great to have a smartphone and learn more about technology but I think these statistics are crazy. You shouldn't be so attached to a phone.

Part B

I love the idea of using a smartphone camera in the classroom to do projects.
Students using iPads in classroom.
Some of the ideas I have with using a smartphone camera...
1.Taking a photo to put in a book trailer in iMovie.
2.Let the students record themselves and see if they need to fix anything.
3.Using the camera to record their "team" doing a skit.
4.If an apple product they can make iMovies.
These are just a few of the things that we can use smartphones for in the classroom.

Project #9

Saturday, October 11, 2014

C4T #2 - Summary

David Truss

David is a Vice Principle with Learning Innovations Network Coquitlam (LINC). He is very passionate about his work. The two blog post that I commented on were,
1.4 notes on taking notes.
2.Leading in a time of...
I really enjoyed reading these blogs because I could relate to them and I feel like almost everyone could relate to them. The topics that he post about are a very largely known problem or idea that a lot of people could add to. He seems like he really enjoys the feed back that he gets from everyone and he usually answers back to them.

In the first post he talked about how to take notes effectively. The picture he had on his post made me giggle because it is so true in college now.
Students taking pictures of white board
I took a class one time and we came in with a lot of notes on the board and the teacher said "You can write them done if you want or snap a picture with your phone." I kinda laughed because the world has changed so much in such a small amount of time. I think we can all agree that technology is the fastest growing industry.

In his second post he talked about leading in a time of change, conflict and advancement. When he talked about leading in a time of change he said "Lead by example-If we aren't willing to change ourselves, we can't expect others to change." I am so loving this quote because I can relate to it so much. People are always telling me to change my ways when they are doing the same or worse than I.

I really enjoyed reading and commenting on David's blog.

Blog Post #8

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?

My assignment was to watch this video that was an hour long and say what I learned and teaching and learning from Randy Pausch. I was thinking I was going to fall asleep trying to watch a video so long but when the end came I was kinda upset it was over. I could of listened to him talk all day.

This video is a man that has so much wisdom and experience with teaching and learning from others. He had cancer which is why this is known to be his Last Lecture. So the question now is what did I learn from a man who is giving us his dying advise.
Pausch gave me some of my new favorite quotes just in this hour long video. He says"We can not change the cards that we are dealt just how we play the hand." This is a quote coming from a man that is losing his life.

Pausch cared a lot about dreams not only his but the dreams of others. I remember when I was little all I wanted to do was travel the world which is still true to this day and I hope as I grow up I can make that dream come true. I also hope to help others with their dreams.
In this video I learned a lot about not only teaching and learning but also how to be a better person, live every moment like its your last and have fun. You can see how much Pausch loves teaching and learning because of the enthusiasm in his voice.

Pausch taught me to be ready for anything in your teaching career and not to be so uptight and worried with life and with teaching. He has opened up a new way of thinking about teaching and gave me a list of things to remember every day of teaching
1.Have fun
2.Don't Worry so much
3.Say you're sorry when in the wrong.
4.Work hard
5.Hold on to your child likeness.
6.Help others.

Quote by Randy Pausch

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Project #13

I presented mine a little different than everyone else because I noticed you said to use the tools posted in Project #11. I hope that this is what you were looking for Dr.Strange.

Project #7 part B

To the parents

To my students

Blog post #7

Getting my self ready to be a teacher is going to take me a lot of work on my end because I am only a sophomore and I have a lot of school left. But on the other hand I also have been working on being more of a leader and trying to be more head strong and to have a better back bone.

Summarizing these 8 videos.
1.How to make an Audio QR code
2.iPad Reading Center
3.Poplets with Ginger Tuck
4.AVL and Kindergarden students
5.Tammy Shirley Discovery Education Board Builder Moon Project
6.Mrs.Tassin 2nd Grade Students Share Board Builder Projects
7.Mrs.Tassin 2nd Grade Students Share Board Builder Projects
8.We All Become Learners

1.How to make an Audio QR code
From this video I learned a helpful technique for the parents to have easy access to their child's homework or their progress in my class. I never had these cool things as a child we honestly did almost everything on paper. As I start getting use to these things and using technology more it makes me desire to become a teacher even more. This looked like an easy tool for me as a teacher to use. All you have to do is simply record your voice and then change it to a QR code and put that QR code on to a document and print it. It's as easy as 1. 2. 3.

2.iPad Reading Center
I really enjoy this type of teaching because kids love to listen to them selves. I will be using this because it is a fun way to teach and that is something that will be very important in my classroom. Learning in a fun way. This is so easy for the kids to do, they just simply record a video of them selves reading a book and go back and make sure they didn't mess up.

3.Poplets with Ginger Tuck
I have never seen a Poplet before. I thought it was a very fun and creative thing that is so simple for children to use. Poplet has a lot of easy tools on it for a child to use. Poplet is an app that you can download and it allows children to make their own "web" with the topic in the middle and the information on the outside. Very hands on app that will be used a lot in my classroom.

4.AVL and Kindergarden students
AVL is great because it can help you as a teacher keep your eyes on what they are searching for and making sure they stay on topic. I like the fact that there are so many resources for the kids to use and its easy to navigate.

5.Tammy Shirley Discovery Education Board Builder Moon Project
Discovery Education is a great way to teach children how to do something fun and creative on their own. The little girl that explained how to do things in this video was very confident in what she was saying and knew how to use this tool.

6.Mrs.Tassin 2nd Grade Students Share Board Builder Projects
7.Mrs.Tassin 2nd Grade Students Share Board Builder Projects
I put 6 and 7 together because they are about the same thing. I like these videos because the teacher is stepping aside and letting the student teach. The Board Builder looks like a tool that I could use in my classroom because it is a fun way of learning and showing off what they have learned.

8.We All Become Learners
I love this video because it is real teachers talking about their experiences. This video helped me realize that I'm not always going to have the answers and that's okay. I love that students can step up and help their teachers and show them that they are trying and they can do things. I hope that one day my students will have the courage to stand up and say "No Ms.Kaitlyn this is how you do that."

You will notice in this post I used the word fun a lot. That will be a big part in my classroom because I want the children to enjoy coming to school because thy spend so much time here and with me.

Classroom I taught in Quito Ecuador

This is a classroom I helped teach in Quito Ecuador.