Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K October Summary


Xaiver's home page
Xavier is a student who lives in New Zealand and he is in the eighth grade. He wrote about friends and asked how everyone was doing. I answered back with my name, school, and why I was posting. I told him he was dong a great job with the English language and to keep up the great work but I also told him to make sure to keep an eye on the spelling and grammar.

Hollie B.

Hollie B. Blog Boarder
Hollie is a 7th grader and she loves her animals. The post that I commented on was about her horses and how much she loved them. I commented telling her how good she did and that I also use to ride when I was younger. I also told her about the grammar and spelling problems which were very small. I think she did great!

Aidens Blog Homepage

I posted on Aiden's "school" post but it never showed up. I told him that I thought it was amazing that a 1st grader could use technology in such an amazing way. He only posted a small sentence but even still I think it's great.


The last one I did was April which also didn't show up yet. She lives in Auckland, NZ. I posted on the one titled "Awesome Holiday Highlights". I think she did so good on this post. To believe she is only 6 years old. She talked about a party that her and her family were at and how she had a great time but her Mom stepped on a nail and her sister threw up on the couch. So when I commented to it I told her how impressed I was to read it. I also told her about the small spelling errors she had on her post. She did such an amazing job telling that story.
Picture of April

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