Friday, October 24, 2014

Blog Post #10

What can we learn from Mrs.Cassidy?

Little Kids...Big Potential
Cassidy 13 part 1
Cassidy 13 part 2
Cassidy 13 part 3

I really enjoyed watching these videos. Cassidy is a very smart woman that stands by what she believes.

What did I learn from watching these videos? I feel like Cassidy gave us a lot of very useful information and things that I will use in my classroom. I like how even though she only had 5 computers she still found a way to use them. The different stations will be one thing I will be using in my classroom.
One thing I loved about these videos and her classroom is that they are only about 6 years old. All I can say to that is wow... good job Mrs.Cassidy. I love that she has them making these web pages and blogs at such a young age. They will be so smart and progress so fast in school because of her starting out so young.

I like how she had them make videos with those small cameras. They are easy to use and so much fun for the kids.
Kids recording a video
Another thing that makes her a great teacher is the fact that she shows that she is worried about their safety in posting online. Which is something we have to watch out for now and days.
I really enjoyed listening to Mrs.Cassidy and I thank her for the advice she gave us.

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  1. Hi Kaitlyn! I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree that Mrs. Cassidy is a wonderful teacher. I couldn't believe her students were so young! It's amazing how much they can do at such a young age. And internet safety is a very real problem. When we become teachers we'll have to educate our students on how to be safe like she did. Once again, I thought your post was great. Thanks for sharing!