Saturday, October 11, 2014

C4T #2 - Summary

David Truss

David is a Vice Principle with Learning Innovations Network Coquitlam (LINC). He is very passionate about his work. The two blog post that I commented on were,
1.4 notes on taking notes.
2.Leading in a time of...
I really enjoyed reading these blogs because I could relate to them and I feel like almost everyone could relate to them. The topics that he post about are a very largely known problem or idea that a lot of people could add to. He seems like he really enjoys the feed back that he gets from everyone and he usually answers back to them.

In the first post he talked about how to take notes effectively. The picture he had on his post made me giggle because it is so true in college now.
Students taking pictures of white board
I took a class one time and we came in with a lot of notes on the board and the teacher said "You can write them done if you want or snap a picture with your phone." I kinda laughed because the world has changed so much in such a small amount of time. I think we can all agree that technology is the fastest growing industry.

In his second post he talked about leading in a time of change, conflict and advancement. When he talked about leading in a time of change he said "Lead by example-If we aren't willing to change ourselves, we can't expect others to change." I am so loving this quote because I can relate to it so much. People are always telling me to change my ways when they are doing the same or worse than I.

I really enjoyed reading and commenting on David's blog.


  1. Thank you for posting and sharing this Kaitlyn!
    Saddens me a little when I think of a prof saying, "You can write them down if you want or snap a picture with your phone."
    If it is worth copying, why not share it in a more text-searchable way, or have students sharing the notes and co-writing them. I understand if, for example, the notes were the solution to a math problem done in class, but beyond a few simple examples, is a photo of notes an ideal way to share (when technology today provides so many more options?)
    I hope you are enjoying this course and that you can see the value of sharing your thoughts publicly and getting comments & feedback from peers around the world.

  2. Just as follow-up, upon reading your post and commenting, I went back to my blog and found your comment on my note taking post in my spam filter. What you said there, really suggests that you agree with my sentiments above:

    I know that the world and technology is moving forward and always finding easier ways to do things and I wish there was a more effective way to take notes.
    Soon every student will have a laptop and maybe we can use a google doc or something to take notes. I am sure that something will come up soon.

    Thanks again for commenting!