Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog post #2

1. Mr.Dancealot
Should be Mr.dancealittle, there were very many things wrong with his teaching techniques.
He startes out in a class room setting which throws the students off very much and then he goes on to try and teach them how to dance without any movement or interaction.
The days go by and you can see the students either trying to learn by sitting up higher trying to see or even standing up and he tells them "Excuse me, sit down please, i'm teaching a dance class here." which makes no sense at all!
Jim Carrey dancing very childlike.
Dance class is a very hands on and learning experience that takes a lot of hard work. Then it comes time to take a test which is held in the ball room and when they arrive they all have their books out ready to "dance" when in fact no one has a clue what to do. Mr.Dancealot looks shocked when they all look at him like he is crazy as he tells them to dance.
This video showed me that to teach someone something you have to understand it and understand how people learn.

2. Teaching in the 21st Century
I really enjoyed this video because I agree with a lot of it.
I. He thinks that teachers are no longer the source of learning.
Which I almost agree with because of the access that every one has to pretty much every thing. If we need to know something we just Google it.
II. Teachers are now just the "filter"
Air conditioner filter

He thinks that now teachers are just kinda like a deliver of the message that students need to hear.
III. Technology is the new teacher.
All the devices used in schools now blows me away. It is scary to think how much it has changed since I was in middle school.

I love the thought of teaching but I also love the thought of students learning. If new technology and things always changing is helping students learn than thats great but if not than why don't we just go back to the books?
A student just has to be willing to try to learn.

3. The Networked Student.
I didn't enjoy this video at all! I couldn't read any of the papers he put down and the quality was bad. I also think that a student needs a teacher not just someone that is there for no reason. They ask "Why does he even need a teacher?" and I say it's to help him learn and grow in his desire to learn. If all that a teacher does is sit there and say click here and type that then who would want to teach anyways? I want to teach because I enjoy getting to know the students, helping them solve problems and doing hands on work with them.

4. Harness your students' digital smarts.
This video really bothered me because my opinion is so different than hers. I think that her main point that she was trying to get across was that she thinks that she shouldn't have to have all the knowledge and information about the subject to teach it.
I feel like you should be able to answer any question that a student gives you even if it takes you a minute. I feel like students should be able to lean on their teachers when they need help not on the internet.

5. Who's Ahead in the learning race?
In my opinion I don't like the fact that kids are even using computers. I think that there is no use for that information until middle school. The fact that a 6 year old can use a MAC book scares me. Our generation relies on technology way to much and doesn't know how to go on without it.
I think that no one is "ahead in the learning race" I don't think it is a race at all. Children should be learning from people not from a computer or an iPad.
I think that I am somewhere in the middle of the race. I know how to use a computer pretty well and if I need help I just use google. A child should not be on the same knowledge level as an adult.
It also bothers me to say that someone else is ahead because as a person born in the 90's I had to learn how to use an old windows computer with dial up internet when I was young so I am having to reteach myself to use something instead of a 6 year old with a clean slate learning to use a mac book now that would be a breeze. But instead we have to put everything we know about an old windows computer aside and relearn how to use a mac.

6. Flipping the classroom.
Flipping a classroom is new to me I have never heard of it until I watched that video. I do like the idea of it I think that it will help save some time in the class room for helping solve the problem. Instead of just talking all the time but I do think there are also some problems with it too. I believe it will be a problem trying to make sure that all the students are watching the videos because it's not just missing a homework assignment because they will be terribly lost in the next class. The parents to your students are the ones to look at when the "assignment" isn't done. Another problem is even if they so called watched the video did they pay attention to it? Yes it will save you time in class but will they still be learning affectively?
I don't know if I would use this technique, I guess it depends on the level of technology we are at when I do start teaching and what grade I am teaching.
A classroom upside-down

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blog assignment #1

1. What are the things (if any) you have heard about EDM310?

I haven't heard to much on this subject I honestly haven't heard of it at all.

2. What fears (if any) do you have about EDM310?

I am slightly afraid of not being able to keep up with the work because the summer just ended and I highly enjoyed my summer. I will put all 9 hours and maybe more into this class. So that I know for a fact that I will pass this class.

3. Compare and contrast EDM310 with other courses you have taken in college or high school.

I really enjoy the fact that it is computer based. I love working with computers my dad taught me all I know about computers. He is a very good with computers and knows how to do almost anything with a MAC. It reminds me of high school because I was homeschooled and my mom liked teaching us how to use the computers.

4. What do you think will be the most difficult thing for you in EDM310?

My life just went into a total different direction than I thought it would. I am working 40 plus hours at a day care and taking 13 hours at South Alabama. I am not sure if I was really ready for that but I went for it. So far it hasn't been to bad, I have enjoyed it but I am going to have to do some serious time management to keep this going.

5. What is the best way for you to address this “most difficult” aspect of EDM310?

Taking the time out of my day to make sure everything I need to do is done. Finishing everything on time and being sure to put school before work.

6. What questions do you still have about EDM310? What ideas do you have about how to address those questions?

What does EDM mean? Other than that I am very excited about this class I believe that I will enjoy it.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting to know me a little.

My name is Kaitlyn McLarty.
My family is a very important part of my life. I have three little sisters and my parents have a great relationship. I am very close to my sisters they are my best friends and I don't know what I would do without them. I was homeschool growing up and loved seeing my mom teach us a young kids and that is one of the main reasons I have always wanted to be a teacher.
I really enjoy working with kids, I am a two year old teacher right now and I like it a lot. Taking the time out of my day to get to know a student and understand how they learn and what they like is something that an educator gets to do every day in and out of work.
My major is Elem Education with a minor in Art, I am trying to figure out if I want to be a college Art teacher or stay with Elem I'm not really sure yet. My reasoning for being at USA has a lot to do with staying home. I was born and raised in Mobile and it is my home, I have a lot of family and friends here. Of course thats not my only reason, I have heard great things about the education program here at USA. So far I like it here and I hope I can choose the right path for me.