Saturday, September 20, 2014

Blog post #5 Part #1

What is a PLN?
I liked this post because I really enjoyed using the different dashboards that Dr.Strange put in the instructions. I went ahead and signed up for both of them and tried them out. Just to see if I liked them and see how they worked and to understand the meaning of PLN a little more.
PLN means Personal Learning Networks and what does Personal Learning Networks mean?
A PLN isn't a thing it is an idea just like the video said. We can find PLN anywhere we just have to open up our brains and find them. A PLN is not a website, we can find them in our friends and family. It is just a way to help you as a person learn and grow.

How can they help you as a teacher?

As a teacher I think they will help me because in this day and time we are progressing in technology and you can find so many teachers online who are looking for and looking to give information on the goods and bads of teaching. They are always posting the do's and don'ts of teaching in blogs and really anywhere online. We as teacher have to remember that we are also always learning new ways of doing things and learning new knowledge to bring to class every day.

How can you create your own PLN?

As I mentioned above I already made two of the dashboards one on Symbaloo and the next one on Netvibes I really think that I like Symbaloo better just because of that set up and the way it looked. I am not sure quite yet which one works better but I will soon.
It is very simple to work it explains everything step by step.

Who will be your first addition to your PLN?

My first few were Dr.Strange and staff onto my Twitter account and I have added a few of my own blogging friends to my Symbaloo page and i am sure that as I progress through this class it will continue to grow and expand into a large community of people I turn to when I need help.

The names of different social medias

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  1. Very good job at answering all the questions and adding in links :)