Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog post #4

What questions do we ask? How do we ask them?

I read over most of the sources you gave us and I really enjoyed watching and reading them. I have three main things that should and shouldn't be done in the class room these things are my opinion and this is what I got from the sources you gave us.

1.I think that as a teacher we should never use the question "Do you understand?" when standing in front of the class. That is a question worth asking when you are one on one with the students. Mainly because a student isn't going to raise their hand and say no they don't understand most of the time because of embarrassment. A easy way of fixing this is to simply do a pop quiz to see who really does know the information.

2.As a teacher I would always end my class asking if anyone had any questions. Better yet I would ask that all throughout the class and I have always had the idea of having my students write down any questions they had. Then turning them in 20 minutes before class was over and answering them before class. Maybe even on the next day. I don't know how that would go but I like the sound of it.

3.The last one that I think I would do as a teacher is always ask open ended questions. An open ended question is a question that has a more detailed answer than yes or no. It helps the students really understand the subject and it helps the teacher see what level the students are on.

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  1. Kaitlyn, I enjoyed reading your blog today. I agree as an educator that you should never ask "does everyone understand" personally I would never comment that I didn't understand . I think open ended questions are so important

  2. "class room these things are my opinion and this is what I got from the sources you gave us." classroom is one word