Saturday, September 13, 2014

Project #15 - Search Engines

I picked this search engine because I really like food and it has a ton of information and great recipes. is a great sourse for cooking. They have tutorial videos, diet recipes and holiday ideas. With over 475,000 recipes the options are limitless (almost). now has an app out for your smart phone so you can take it anywhere. They also have the ability to click on a recipe and save the shopping list to your phone.
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Picsearch is a search engine that helps you find pictures of pretty much anything. Much like google images it pulls pictures from other website post. "An image search service with more than 3,000,000,000 pictures." I liked this search engine because I always found what I needed.
Screenshot of Picsearch


I picked spotify as my music search engine because I use it myself and I love it! It's not one of those things that make you pay for it. They have a free option and one for $10 a month so you can choose any music to listen to. Too add to that they even help you find more songs that you may like according to what songs you add to your playlist.
Screenshot of Spotify


I love pinterest because it has become very helpful to me. Anyone can go on and make an account and search or post anything. A lot of it is arts and crafts or do it yourself things. They have a ton of recipes and fashion tips. Honestly almost anything your'e looking for you can find on pinterest.
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Much like Google, Yahoo has the abilty to type in any keyword and pop up tons of links to different websites to help you find what your'e looking for. They also show you pictures, videos, news and many more.
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I just started using not too long ago and so far I have found it very helpful and full of information. My favorite part of is the Q&A part because it is very easy to use and even if you cant get someone to answer your question you can search for the same question and see if anyone else already posted it.
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I have always used this website to find out all about the games and what's going on with the players. I really enjoy it because it always has the correct information and it only shows me info about sports. Another thing I love about this search engine is the fact that you can click on "LiveScore" and see all the live scores you need.

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Wolfram Alpha

I really enjoy this search engine! I am so glad that you introduced us to this because it really is amazing. I can search up a food and the amount and it gives me the nutrition facts. I am still learning it because it does so much, I can enter a math problem in and it will answer it.

Screenshot of Wolframalpha

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