Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blog post #3

How can you provide meaningful feed back for my peers?
Reading and watching the materials you provided I think one of the main points is to have an open mind. I have gotten feed back from a lot of people on different things in my life and some people come into the conversation with a closed mind. When people have a closed mind they don't listen to the others concerns or problems.
Listening is a big key to giving good feed back, listening and understanding someones problem is really the only way to fix it. Giving good feed back should never be something that is harsh and an assumption that you know better than that person.

"Three steps to peer editing" The first one is making a complement. I agree with that because you start out saying what you enjoyed about their blog and then get to the part where they try to help them with their blog.
Hint: When typing, the wiggly red line does not mean
The second step is suggestions, when making suggestions you should always make sure what you are saying makes sense and is the right information. The third and last one is corrections, corrections should always be the correct spelling or grammar change. Anything you tell them should be right.

I really enjoyed the video "Writing peer review top 10 mistakes". Mainly because it was so true and people do that all the time. Even as adults I see that we are so judgmental and we don't really put peoples feel ins aside. I agree with some of the points that were made, such as "don't take things personally" I myself struggle with this one sometimes because I feel like people are insulting me when they are just trying to help.

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