Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blog Post #13

Art has been taken out of a lot of the schools around the Country. Do you think art is important in a students life and their education.
Watch these videos and write what your opinion is to the question "Do you think art is important in the classroom".

1.Creativity takes Courage.
2.A.R.T. in the classroom
3.Arts Intergated Classroom

After watching these videos and really understanding how much art is not in the classroom anymore made me to believe that we as a Country need to change that. I love art and never really new how much until I got into college. In these videos you can see different ways of putting art into your classroom and how easy it will be. When you have a student doing something that they enjoy doing they will try harder to do better. Art is a fun and inspiring way to teach in your classroom.
I don't really understand why art and music are the first things to go when there is a budget cut. Art is what makes me, me. Children will never know how creative they are or how talented they are until you give them the tools to find those things for themselves.
The last one was about a History teacher I do believe and he used art to show them a lesson in history but to also make it stick. Because those children will look at that painting and remember who that person was and what they did. Art has a way of helping you focus and finding a passion inside of someone and the school system is taking that away for students. Unless you get a great teacher that is going to go out of their way for their students and make a lesson with art incorporated in it.
I can't wait to be the best teacher I can be and show these children the things that will help them get through life with a smile on their face and art has helped me do just that.

Glass blowing pieces I made

These are two of the things I made in Glass Blowing at The University of South Alabama.


  1. It really is a shame that many schools in this country do not see the importance of art and music. Good job.

  2. Kaitlyn Mclarty,

    I loved your videos! You found some really good material! I also love your pictures! You did an amazing job on those! It really is a shame that art and music are the first things that go. I definitely think that art can help keep the children engaged and help them learn the information.

    There are a few suggestions that I have for this post. The main thing you need to do is proofread your posts. I believe that if you spend just a little more time on proofreading, the quality of your post would increase dramatically. Here are just a few examples:
    - "...around the Country." Country does not need to be capitalized here.
    - "Do you think art is important in a students life and their education." This is a question and needs a question mark.
    - "After watching these videos and really understanding how much art is not in the classroom anymore made me to..." If you start with after, you need a comma at the end of the thought. I believe the comma needs to be after anymore. With that being said, you would need to add a subject before made. "It" seems like a good one for that spot. (There are several like this. If you start with "when, "because," "if," and other similar words, you need two "thoughts" or sentences within the one sentence.)

    Overall, you did a good job on your post! Have fun with the last couple weeks in EDM310!
    Jennifer Cole