Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blog post #5 part B

Since I started EDM310 I have found different ways to learn more and how to grow my PLN.

I have found a few things that work great for me.

We already know how to use Symbaloo, twitter and Facebook so the one I really want to talk about is a new one that I found called Pearltree.
So pearltree is probably my new favorite PLN because it is so easy to use and I can put anything and everything I need in one area. I haven't been using it for very long but I love how it works.
It has a search engine on it where you can look at other peoples pearltree accounts and add their things onto your page. It is really cool.
I can make different collections for different subjects so everything is nice and neat.
I have enjoyed this website and I think it is a good one for students to use.
Screenshot of my homepage on Pearl Tree

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