Wednesday, November 26, 2014

C4T #4 Summary

I loved this C4T!
I picked Lana Gerin she is a 5th grade teacher in Georgia.

A dog laying down looking very tired

Short and sweet
She posted about their "Sock it to Drugs" day! Which is a great thing to start teaching early for children. They also had a "Dress like your hero" day. The rest of her blog was about how long and tiring her week was. She had a long week at work and she was just tired.

I'm Stil Here!
In this blog Lana talked about how she hasn't posted in a while but she is very busy with school and her class is finishing up with their book project. One of her students gave her a note that was so sweet the note said that she never thought she would enjoy going to school as much as she does. Lana is working very hard with her teaching and doing a great job!

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