Tuesday, November 25, 2014

C4K Summary November

I really enjoy doing the C4K's because I know that the kids get excited when they see someone post on their blogs.

In this post he talked about a thing that he does in his classroom called a mystery Skype. Which sounded pretty cool to me and so he explained what the was in his post. A mystery Skype is when you Skype someone from another Country or state and try give each other clues to find out where the other person is. Sounds pretty cool to me! I commented on his blog and told him who I was and why I commented and told him how cool the mystery Skype is.

Cowboy boot by Garrett

Garrett is in an art class that blogs everything they make which is awesome! He made a really cool cowboy boot and I told him how much I loved art also and that he did a really good job and to keep on working hard at it. I also told him who I was and why I was commenting.
painting by Clarie

Claire was one of my favorite C4K's because I feel as if I could connect with her through her blog and she was a very good writer. She talked about how she felt at the beginning of the semester verses the end. She is feeling much better and the end, she isn't as scared. She also talked about art, she likes to paint! I don't know why but my last two C4K's have been about art which is my favorite thing. I guess I felt like that connected us a little.

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